Chapter 6: The Noels

Chapter 7: The Crichton-Stuarts

Chapter 8: The Duff

Chapter 9: The Kennedy-Erskines

The Genealogy



In recent decades, we have seen a great loosening of the restrictions against whom a member of the Royal Family may marry. All of the children of our current Queen have married, with permission, commoners, some more than once. This is a relatively recent change in attitude. It was only as recently as the children of the King George V, that marriage to a foreign Princess was not required for a son of the King.

Imagine for a moment if this more relaxed attitude had been in effect in 1790, and William, Duke of Clarence, third son of King George III, were allowed to marry the woman with whom he chose to live in domestic bliss. Had this happened, the lady we currently call Queen Elizabeth II, would be merely Mrs. Philip Mountbatten, and the Sovereign would be the relatively unknown man now known as Patrick Elborough.

But who is Patrick Elborough you may ask? He is the heir-general, albeit through an illegitimate line, of King William IV and his 20-year paramour, Dorothea Bland (aka Mrs. Jordan, the actress). But Mr. Elborough is only one of roughly 900 people who descend from this union of Prince and Actress. This book will seek to introduce the reader to the rest of them.

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