And One Thing Led to Another…

A Male/Male Erotica Bundle

Amber Rogers

Copyright 2016

This eBook is intended for adults only. There is adult content that may make some readers uncomfortable; readers’ discretion is advised.

Please keep this file stored where it can not be accessed by minors.


My Sole Sin had just finished their show in Atlanta and were heading to the bus when Danny, the driver announced they had an emergency and had to get back to Detroit ASAP.

“What’s going on?” Sin asked as he stepped up into the small kitchen of the tour bus, his four inch black and electric blue tipped Mohawk already beginning to collapse from sweat and heavy head banging.

“Lou says we have to get back ASAP- he cancelled the next two shows. Wouldn’t tell me everything, but we have to go now.” Danny repeated, counting heads as he watched for the rest of the band to appear.

The roadies and equipment managers would be on the other bus, so he only had to account for himself and the five members of the band.

“So, what? No parties, no groupies?” Rob asked, the lead vocalist and heart throb of the heavy metal group that was taking the nation by storm. His pale blond fauxhawk and light green eyes combined with 6’4” of lean and tanned muscles was sure to get him laid every day of the week. Sometimes more than once.

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