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That’s a coffin. I’m in a motherfucking coffin! Somebody graved me alive!

The fear flooded his mind. His heart started to beat faster, his body broke into a cold sweat. He wanted to scream but he couldn’t: his mouth didn’t obey for him.

He passed out.


For the third time his hearing went back. He could hear some cars and a really bad techno music in the near. That was a bit reassuring. In a coffin the people don’t play shit music like that.

Now that he a little calmed down he tried to open his eyes and he succeeded: his sight went back. He looked around and he established that he lay in a container which was full of trash. Just a bit better than the coffin.

But he didn’t want to lie in a container until the end of his life so he started climbing out. First he took the side of the container next he stood up slowly and carefully. The cold wind hit him in a face. It was the rebirth after the really strong stink. He relaxed a second then he continued the crawling. It was exhausting but finally he fell out the stinking box where he was lying.

He stood up again and he looked around because he wanted to know in which part of Budapest was he. He was in an alley between two apartment houses which were built in a typical Old Town-style.

The Old Town was the eldest district of Budapest and it had the most typical buildings too. When the city needed more flats, then the businessmans didn’t destroy the apartment houses just extended them with a six or eight new floors, which made from the most modern and the cheapest raw materials. The old walls were underpinned by supporting pillars so they endured the new stocks and didn’t fall down. Those apartment houses determined the face of Budapest’s Old Town: the hi-tech and the antique side by side.

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