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Section 8 – Africa

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Section 12 – Africa

Good… whatever time it is in your area…

My name is Ashley Meyer, and what you are reading is a product of my senior project. The senior project is required for every student in my Academy, a program set up by the city with a specified learning directive. The academy I am enrolled in is the Global Studies and World Languages Academy (yes, it has a lengthy title, so it shall now be referred to as GSWLA), and we focus on, obvious by the name, the world. We take classes on the cultures, languages, government systems, and careers found around the globe throughout our four years in high school.

This story comes in play during my senior year. All seniors must take the Global Connections Seminar, known more affectionately as either the senior project class, or DeMotts class. For the class, each senior must complete their senior project, which consists of a fifteen page research paper, and an actual project. This story is a product of the latter.

For my paper, I talked about poverty visibility in two regions of the world, and what caused this visibility. For my project, as you are about to find out, I wrote a story that focuses on two teenagers. They live in different countries. They have different lifestyles. They have different lives, one lives in an African village, while the other in a city in the United States. But, at the same time, there are similarities between the two, and that is what I hope to bring out in this story.

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