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About this book:

For untold ages before the birth of Zeus, Kronos, Lord of the Titans, ruled the world. A giant among giants, the most powerful and revered of all the gods, his unmatched strength and intelligence forged a Golden Age among the Immortals.

But that was long ago. Brooding and increasingly unpredictable, he rules now through fear and unsurpassed cunning. Only Proteus, the shape changer, Proteus's precocious little sister Metis, and her "pet" humans can pierce Kronos's web of deadly intrigue and prevent a disastrous war of the gods from being unleashed across the earth.

This is not a retelling of familiar myths, but a fast, gripping, and sometimes funny tale of adventure, love, and intrigue among the elder gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. It is a new, fictional story built around the surviving fragments of a lost mythological era--a vivid, authentic reconstruction of the Age of the Titans. First published as two separate books, the complete novel appears here as originally intended by the author.

Patrick Adkins is a natural-born storyteller. . . . The man knows how to spin a tale of wonder.” — Mike Resnick

“A most entertaining fantasy story, with a great deal of originality.” — Poul Anderson

“Patrick Adkins has inherited the dawn-dipped, phoenix-feather quill of Thomas Burnett Swann.” — Roger Zelazny

“Intriguing . . . Adkins has done an excellent job of bringing together the names of legend and giving them character and motivation.” —LOCUS

“This is a terrific book . . . fascinating, entertaining, and disturbing.” —Keran’s Ebook Column


(including Master of the Fearful Depths)

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