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chapter one

Carl Hatcher Steward sat up slowly, took a last sip of coffee, and crushed the paper cup. He stuffed the Daily Press under his arm and left Norfolk General Hospital, content that his wife, Helen, was sleeping quietly and his newborn son, Puttnum Douglas Steward, was healthy.

The following day, November 8, 1942, Carl read that the Allies had landed on the beaches of Africa, and that American and British troops had mounted the largest amphibious assault to date on the shores of Morocco and Algeria, attacking Hitler’s Afrikakorps from the west. Directed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Operation Torch would be a critical test for green American troops, a baptism from which many of the survivors would never consciously return.

The world was in the throes of a massive conflict, and all Carl could do was read about it in the paper. The implications so stung that they left him feeling helpless.

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