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Luckily, she’s all I need.

They are big and let’s face it, I’m far from it, but with zombies it’s not how big they are, but how fast they are.

These two are faster than most, but they eat too many human brains to be human themselves.

As for me, well, I’m a strict carnivore; it’s only animal brains for me, and from the UCLA medical lab at that – no wild animals were harmed in my dinner, that’s for sure.

It keeps me more human than most; and out here on the street, I need all the edge I can get.

There is an empty cigarette pack on the edge of the playground; I step on it purposefully, just to see if these Zannibals (zombies + cannibals = Zannibals; try to keep up, huh?) are paying attention.

The bigger one is; he turns around, dead eyes black and full of rage as he nudges the other one with a giant, blunt shoulder.

“Run, Percy,” I say to the tall, bony teen clinging desperately to the jungle gym.

The Zannibals hesitate, not sure whether to focus on dinner or… dessert.

Lucky me; they choose dessert.

“Fancy meeting you here, Holly,” grunts the big one familiarly.

I’ve heard the others call him “Grinder”; from the looks of his headstone size, traffic light yellow chompers, the nickname fits.

“Where’d you think I’d be, fellas? Having tea with the queen?”

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