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For Sandra


Hume Family Tree

One. The Ontological Argument

Two. The Hermeneutic Circle

Three. Rationalism v. Empiricism

Four. The Mind-Body Problem

Five. Hume’s Fork

Six. The Ring of Gyges

Seven. Qualia

Eight. The Immortality of the Soul

Nine. The Allegory of the Cave

Ten. Buridan’s Ass


About the Author


The Ontological Argument

The dinner plate, which arced towards me in parabolic elegance, spun just slowly enough that I could make out two blue birds circling above what I supposed to be a pagoda. I was sitting on the mauve futon which Tally, against my objections, bought to replace the vinyl sleeper couch—it was ugly, sure, but I had been relegated to it enough nights for a fondness to develop. Though she had whipped the disc in a shoulder-forward, girl-throwing way that a grown woman should have been embarrassed about years ago, Tally’s overhead release and extended follow-through managed a jai alai hurler’s manipulation of centrifugal motion.

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