Michael’s from-the-heart, fascinating accounts of his own journey and interactions with horses provide insight into genuine understanding along with solid ideas for experiencing better relationships. These captivating and affirming recounts - modestly, yet confidently and truthfullywritten - say it all.”

-- Randi Peters, Natural Horse Magazine

A person would be well advised to study these notes of such a master.”

-- Stormy May, Filmmaker /Producer of The Path of the Horse

This book is far too good to miss out on. An inspirational read, that any horse lover should have. Michael Bevilacqua writes with passion and his love for horses, in a way that is clear and easy to understand. It is a beautiful example of what every horse owner can achieve: A complete understanding relationship between human and horse. An amazing book that I will continue to read again and again!”

- Suzanne Escobar - Spain

“I found this book very helpful, imparting a rounder, fuller view of this journey we are on with our horses. It has been amazing to me that Michael's experiences learning and teaching his horses is so supportive....the emotional and visual help I am getting from this book is huge!”

- Kathie Takach - USA

“Beyond the Dream Horse is a moving first person account of one man's journey onto a different path with horses, a path of authentic relationship without dominance, force, or pain to control the horse, and without "training" in the usual sense. The author shares one true story after another of the encounters with horses that led to moments of insight and forever changed his perception and interactions with these highly intelligent and noble beings. “

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