Missing Feelings

Peggy Buxton

Copyright 2011 by Peggy Buxton
Smashwords Edition

* * *

Exit 325
Guest House
Cheap Whiskey
Ski Lodge
Hotel Renovation

* * *

Exit 325

Jean sits on the edge of the bed; a hand on the belt buckle ready to undress. She glances up at Paul, the man she just met at the smoky saloon. His jeans are far enough down to see the bulging erection straining at his boxers.

"Listen, there's something I need to tell you."

"Not sure I care at the moment." He grabs a handful of the boxers including the hardness inside and strokes once. "Understand?"

"I think the liquor clouded...."

"Don't matter, sweet thing." He shoves his jeans on down his long muscled legs and kicks them free of his feet. "Well?"

"My leg...."

"Damn fine lookin' from what I can see. Go on, get 'em off...let's get to it. You ain't even got your panties off yet."

She slips the prosthetic leg from her thigh as she removes the jeans. The panties come next. "I, I, ah tried to tell you."

"If that ain't the damndest thing."

"Don't hit me." She already has her hands up protecting her face even though he hasn't made a move.

"Why would I darlin'?"

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