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For Entrepreneurs

Henry Jordan

Copyright © Henry Jordan 2011 - All rights reserved.

Smashwords Edition


This book is written for you if you are an ambitious, hard working achiever who makes America what it is – the land of opportunity. You make things happen and you make a profit doing it. You work at what you love to do in order to create a better life for you and your family.

You are an entrepreneur who had the urge to be in business for yourself, and the nerve to go ahead and do it.

You have enjoyed running your business for some time – but you are beginning to wonder if you really “Own a Business” or if the “Business Owns You.” You are beginning to think seriously about stepping aside sometime in the future.

By now you realize that if you were to have a heart attack, an auto accident, a stroke, or some other serious debilitating ailment, or if some unforeseen event were to take place to keep you from working a few weeks, your business would in fact be out of business. A hard pill to swallow, but true.

Even if you have employees in place who could keep the business going for awhile, there would be no procedure in place to manage and finance the business without you, the boss. There would be no way to pass the business on to someone else or to another company. There would be no stock of real value without you that your heirs could sell or keep.

You might also admit that you are working way too hard. If you are like most workaholic entrepreneurs, your actual income per hour, including time devoted to thinking about the business and actually working, is meager -- possibly less than the minimum wage.

You want things done right, so you do them yourself. You just don’t seem to have been able to find the right person to partner with – someone who sees things exactly as you do. Besides, you don’t really want a partner.

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