Are You One of Us?

There is a Way Out

Taking Charge

CHAPTER 2 What is School Really About?

Why Kids Get Lost

What School Is Really About: The Hidden Curriculum

The Culture of Achievement

CHAPTER 3 The Roots of Apathy

Apathy and Peer Group Conformity

How Apathy Develops

Building Character at Home

CHAPTER 4 Who’s in Charge?

The Dysfunctional Family

Accepting the Responsibilities of Parenthood

Passive Aggression and the Apathetic Underachiever

CHAPTER 5 Bad Grades and Bad Attitudes

Tackling the Attitude Problem

This Is Your Problem

CHAPTER 6 Ten Things Parents Do Wrong

CHAPTER 7 Rights, Responsibilites, and Good Parenting

Parental Responsibilities and Education

Parents’ Rights

Legal Rights and Good Parenting

The Foundations of Good Parenting

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