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    Hi Friend,


    If you’re reading this, you already know (or have a pretty good idea) that positive self-esteem important. You probably also know that being bullied can lead to some really bad stuff.

    What you may not know, but need to know…is that there’s a significant connection between low self-esteem and being bullied.

    I experienced this first-hand. I was bullied every day at school for 3 years during my middle school years. I was called names, teased, and my personal space was invaded.

    I’ve been there and know what it feels like. (Awful. Scary. Intimidating. Anxiety-Inducing.)

    As a 12-year-old – I was timid, unsure of myself, and struggled with low self-esteem. Sadly, I was a prime target for a bully.


    Back then, I didn’t tell a soul about the bullying – which meant that NO ONE COULD HELP ME or give me the tools to make things so much better. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

    There is absolutely no reason for your child or teen to go through what I did! (I bounced back, but it wasn’t an easy path.)

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