This short book is for people who have just a passing familiarity with the BYU-COCA corpus interface; absolute beginners will also find some parts of use.

It shows some examples of search terms when using the BYU-COCA corpus interface that arose from everyday classroom situations and questions from fellow teachers. Often images and text are linked to the results of a search (internet connection required); do follow these links as they can show more details.

Note that free registration is required to use BYU-COCA corpus interface.

I imagine potential readers using this on their portable device as they use the BYU-COCA corpus interface.

Note that all links here now point to the original (or old) version of the interface; a new edition of the ebook using the new interface may be worked on or may not depending on interest.

Thanks for reading and keep on corpusing.

Mura Nava, May 2016

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