Hold Onto Love

By Laurie Ather

Published by Laurie Ather at Smashwords

Copyright 2016 Laurie Ather

Cover by Can Stock Photos

Prologue – Ocean Breezes

The young couple walked along the shoreline in bare feet and rolled up pants. One blond and toned, the other, a few years younger, had copper colored hair. It was spring, the water still cold, but refreshing nonetheless. Each wore a light jacket to ward off the breezes that were just enough to convince everyone else to stay indoors. They had the beach to themselves.

They had been looking forward to this weekend away for a month and nothing was going to spoil their enjoyment of the sandy beach and salty air. Even the call of seagulls was almost music to their ears. This weekend trip had been planned for months and it had been everything they had thought it would be and more.

They had been walking hand in hand in companionable silence for ten minutes when the blond suddenly stopped, smiled and said, “This weekend has been amazing. I don't want to leave.”

“Neither do I,” the other replied, as one hand squeezed the other.

“But we have to.”

“We can always come back.”

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