What's going on? Where am I? Why can't I open my eyes? They feel like they are buried under a pile of cement. Am I asleep? “Help! I need a doctor!” I hear Logan shout right beside me. Why is he yelling? Why does he need a doctor? Is he hurt? Wait, where is Jane? I have to open my eyes to see what's going on.

Why is everything so blurry? “What happen?” some one in a white coat runs towards us. I can't manage to see their face but I'm positive it's a doctor or it could be a scientist but I'm pretty sure it's a doctor. I try to turn to face Logan but pain shoots all over my body causing me to stop trying. Fuck! That hurts it feel like I'm burning from the inside.

He got shot and has lost lot's of blood” Logan answers with a shaky voice. I got shot? That would explain the damn pain that is coming from my side. “Chris rush him to the emergency room we need to stop the bleeding right away” the same voice as before orders. I'm so weak that I can't even keep my eyes open. I feel someone's arms go around me and as they lift me up my body protest by sending unbearable pain every where. What the fuck! I want to yell and punch something but all that comes out of me is a small pathetic growl that I'm sure no one herd. “Be careful! Can't you see he is in pain” Logan shouts in frustration. At least I have him to speak up for me.

Sir calm down we'll take good care of him” a woman says trying to calm him down. Where is Jane? She should be here. The ground beneath me starts moving as everything comes flashing back to me. Mark kidnapping Jane, Jane finding out I'm a cop, and Mark shooting me. Why is it getting harder for me to breath? “You can't come in here Sir you'll have to wait in the waiting room” the woman says again. “Doctor please save my brother” Logan voice comes out wobbly. Is he crying? I hear a door close behind me.

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