As the tale unravels, the story of the time/space travel capabilities is revealed, along with some of the unexpected effects of using this technology.

Some were lured by money; other by the adventure- a few just wanted a new chance at life. One thing remains constant- time travel changes all that follow this path…

Meddlers in Time- Wayne Watson



“Last magazine,” said Jenny as she reloaded, snapping off another two quick shots. “Hope the Transit crew is on the ball.” Another burst of 10mm fire splattered against the rear of the stairwell, as the gate finally snapped open.

Sonja burst through carrying a green canvas satchel charge and yelled “Break left.” Tearing at the initiator cord, she heaved the satchel down the stairs.

The three flung themselves through the gate field, hitting the ground hard and rolling to their left. The instant they were all clear of the field, Andrea shut the gateway off, preventing the blast of the demolition charge from flashing through to their side of the gate. They picked themselves up and dusted off the dry, yellow dirt. Jenny was bleeding slightly from the cheek, nicked by a bullet fragment.


“Last time I stay at that hotel,” said Wayne.

“That time period is too crazy,” said Jenny. “Good work Sonja, Andrea. We had about another minute before the heavy weapons arrived.”

“Glad to return the favor,” said Sonja. “I guess we had better rule out future travel into the next decade.”

“The whole fucking planet turns into a goddamn police state,” Wayne said. “We need a new home or we have to keep tripping backwards, so let’s do that- make a new timeline”

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