1The Cabin

Christopher Setterlund

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I had moved to Toronto about three years earlier with the promise of opportunities for growth if I switched allegiances from my then-current job of Internet Analyst at Matthews, Raker, & Palmer to the new, up and coming company called NorthNet. That company was owned by an immigrant from Panama named Henry Martinez. He was a middle-aged Hispanic man with dark eyes and receding dark hair, certainly not the look of a genius businessman. However the one quality that Mr. Martinez possessed, and the one which convinced me to leave my cushy desk job at Matthews, Raker, & Palmer, was charisma. It was this charisma that had allowed him to step into the computer programming field as quietly as a mouse, with little more than the shirt on his back, and become one of the largest and most successful technological companies in all of Ontario. When he spoke of the hardships he had faced in his native country and how he, his wife, and five kids had followed their dreams to the ‘Great White North’ of Canada you could not help but feel inspired. I felt the passion and determination flow forth from his lips and could see the fire in his eyes. Henry Martinez made you feel what he was saying. With that power in his back pocket I practically fell over myself to leave my childhood home in Buffalo, New York. All I had known in my life was located just south of the border but I up and left it behind to join him and be a part of what he was doing in Toronto. From day one I regretted it.

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