Bug Adventures: Book 3

Al’s Escape

Written by Jake Swartwout

Illustrated by Natalie Swartwout

Copyright 2016 Jake Swartwout

Al Ant was walking around the Bugtown Museum, looking at the beautiful pottery. He noticed that one display was empty and a vase was missing! He looked around for somebody to tell.

The museum’s owner, Larry Ladybug, saw Al looking around suspiciously, and noticed the missing vase. He called the police in and they grabbed Al. He was taken away to jail.

Al tried to tell the police he was innocent, but they didn’t listen. He was put into a dirty jail cell, along with the notorious Sam Spider. “I’m innocent!” Al cried.

“Me too”, Sam told Al. “All I did was bite a worm.” Al didn’t believe that Sam was innocent, but listened to Sam’s story anyway. They talked more, and Sam convinced Al that they should break out of jail.

Al used his strength to pop the window out and Sam threw out some rope he had made from web. Outside, the window hit the ground and made a loud noise. Al heard Gus, the guard, running towards the sound.

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