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Spiritual Skin

Ironic contradiction or interesting paradox?

Skin is usually associated with the “physical” and the “outer,” hence relating to something more tangible, superficial (lying on the surface), with boundaries and of the five senses.

Spiritual is usually associated with the “nonphysical” and the “inner” or “unseen,” hence relating to something intangible, having depth, is unlimitedly expansive and beyond the five senses.

Our skin however is part of the whole that is our divinity reflected in human form. Our bodies are sacred temples, physically manifested by integration with spiritual essence.

One is not separate from the other, despite the duality of their nature. The very reason they exist is to integrate wholeness and realize the partnership they share, one channeled through the other.

The physical becomes sacred.

The spiritual becomes tangible.

And together they exist simultaneously in harmony.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Tattoos and the New Earth Energy

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