Mars Conspiracy

Josh Miller

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Copyright 2011 Josh Miller

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The woman ran down the corridor of the spaceport. Her long brown hair was blowing behind her. In a few minutes the ship would depart. She thought back to the body she had left hidden away in the access panel. Her plan would be ruined if anyone found it. She looked down at the ID cards she had in her hand. 'Kalie Seranov' was the name written across one next to a picture of a young woman with dark black hair. On the other was a picture of herself with the same name. The first card she had taken from the body. The halls of the spaceport were completely empty, everyone was out seeing the ship off. The ship she had to be on. A voice came over the loud speaker.

"The Frontier will be departing in five minutes," the voice said. "All personnel embarking on this mission who are not already on board should report to the docking ring now."

She was almost out of time. She could see the ship now out the large windows lining the station's outer corridor. The Frontier was a long and narrow ship. In the top was the main living area where the passengers slept. Most of the main systems were in the elongated middle section. There was one lower deck for the crew's quarters and two huge cylinder engines flanked the ship on either side.

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