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One Moment in Time

By Glenn Snyder

Copyright 2011 Glenn Snyder

Smashwords Edition

Cover designed by Laura Shinn


The thunder boomed from the heavens, rain slapping against the side of the office building, and Jack was oblivious to it all. It was nearing five o’clock in the afternoon, and for Jack, the evening wasn’t coming soon enough. A few more data items to input and he could get that invoice out to Dentaltech, like he promised the boss.

“Jack, don’t rush through that invoice,” a voice directed from the office next door.

“Almost done, Dad.” Working for his father had its ups and downs. The job as Vice President of Operations was a nice title to have at the age of twenty-three, but to Jack, it was just a job, a job that his father had wanted him to have since he was two years old. After college, many of Jack’s friends went into consulting or investment banking, but his career would be based around the production of metal dental instruments. Not as glamorous as advising Fortune 500 companies or as lucrative as mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street, but Jack was content working for a small family-owned business that would one day be his to run. Barrett Dental Equipment provided a good living for his father and would do the same for Jack.

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