Learning Inline Skating


Mario V. Farina

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Learning inline skating.

This is a true story. It was summer, 1998. At age 75, some folks might think it's a little late to learn how to skate using inline skates. However, I had seen people gliding so easily on these that I thought I might be able to learn. But I wanted to be safe during the learning process.

I thought that, as I learned, I could control my movements with suction cups at the ends of bathroom plungers. These were being sold at Sam's Club manufactured with extra long handles. I bought a set of two. I also bought a pair of inline skates, kneepads, and elbow pads. I felt I needed additional safety attire. I found a helmet saved from my motorcycle days and a heavy black leather jacket. I determined to use these. I found a pair of work gloves and decided to include them. My safety equipment was now complete. I had forgotten to include one item.

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