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Mom dad Chris, Darian, and Stephen is here. Tell them to enter.Hey yall whats up ready to have the scariest night of your lives or do yall want to drop out?No I been waiting for this sense I was first born I never have pulled a plan as big as this one since my dad beat me for snicking out of the house.So the real question is how do we get out tonight they all asked well after dinner my parents always go to sleep early its like some kind of pattern they do, eat and sleep.So when their knocked out back there we snick down stairs very quietly so they wont here us. Perfect plan they said but what if they wake up to check on us.We can put the pillows under the cover in shape of real body then they wont notice cause they will be to tired to realy look that hard.Ok so the plan is official.One hour later my mom screamed out kids its time for dinner ok thanks mom I said.We all ran down stairs excited for tonight .Hey kids got any thing speacial for halloween my dad asked. No why do you ask?I was just wondering yall are acting just a lil weird tonight.I guess its because my friends are hear and its the night before halloween a lil excited cause we can stay up and eat alot of candy tommorow and stay up late .Didnt think about it in that way well were done with dinner off to be now my parents said while we were smiling under our skin about our perfect plan.After we got done eating and washing up the dishes we ran up stairs makeing sure all lights were off we waited a couple of hours to make sure we heard some snoring in my parents room so we snuck down stairs very quietly makeing sure we were quiter then a mine we got out side when we saw the haunted house in front of us and sounded like you could hear mones and grones in the house.So we walked very slowly and cautisouly to the scary house in front of my house hopeing no one but god can see us or hear us once we got on the haunted house porch we heard a loud creek while the door opened by its self and we also heard a loud grone that made Darian run back to the house faster then a cheeta going after its dinner.So now it was me chris and stephen when walked in there was spiders every where which made me scared as we went up stairs we heard the grones again which mad chris run just as fast as darian so me an stephen kept on following the stare case until we went up stairs and saw 4 bedrooms which had what looked like blood on the walls which made stephen puked every where so I told him to just leave like the other ones did as well so while he was gone my stomach flipped all of the sudden a black cat ran straigh tourage me with his claws out so I went in he room next to me and slammed the door and a room with only chair in it faceing the window in front of and all of the sudden I heard the most frightening voice that said well you didnt half to slam the door but its ok cause I havent had company in centries.all of the sudden i hit the floor with a glance of a ghost looking face 30 minutes later i woke up.WHat happened where am I joseph you are at the house remember you fail down the stairs hit your head and we got caught ughhhhhhhh and WE thought this plan was gonna work but it was and Epic Failure maybe easter we can scare kids in bunny outfits that look like the bunnys are dead yea maybe that plan will work next time be more careful im going back to bed btw keep your head iced.Hoped you like the book thank you. :)

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