She let out the little giggle that I’d always loved. “I helped you. You were out on the living room floor when I got home.”

I noticed for the first time the slight pounding in my head. “I guess I had a few too many beers.”

I shuffled down the hall with Reese close behind and peered through the peephole. I recognized the man on the other side as Mr. Steinman, the landlord and repairman. But there were others with him I didn’t know. I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door.

“Good morning,” a middle-aged woman sang. She was holding a casserole dish that was covered with foil. “We thought we’d stop by and say welcome to the building and we’d like to invite the both of you to my apartment for a little welcoming party complete with breakfast and gifts.”

“That’s very kind of you,” I said. And just as I was about to decline the offer my wife cut in.

“We’d be delighted, wouldn’t we honey?” She gave me a light punch in the small of my back that surely went unnoticed by the group.

“Of course we would,” I lied.

Reese pulled on her robe and we followed the residents down the hall to the woman’s apartment. Once inside I noticed how lavishly decorated the place was. The fireplace mantel held two ornate candle holders on either side of Chinese dragon statue the looked as if it should be in a museum. The furniture was finely crafted with woodwork that clearly wasn’t manufactured on any factory floor. The dining room set was polished to a bright shine with high backed chairs and a heavy oak table that was adorned with a china set that looked as if it may have cost more than the apartment.

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