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Billy And Tilly - Reading Is Fun by TJ Daniels (poet) “You know Billy, reading is fun, but tiring. 'Cause we have to walk across a whole page, just to read one sentence," said Tilly. “I know Tilly, but I usually stop and rest for awhile after I read a sentence, but I'm glad I learned to read,” replied Billy. “'Cause I can learn about anything. There's nothing I can not learn. I can learn about anything in the whole wide world,” Billy continued, breathlessly. “I can learn to drive a car, or I can even learn to fly an airplane. I can even learn to cook as good as you. And I could learn to sew and make my own clothes even," replied Billy, excitedly. "You know Billy, you make me laugh. I can just see you, an ant, trying to drive a car. You're lucky if you can reach a half inch off the seat. Drive a car? You're funny. Fly an airplane? You can't even jump one inch in the air and you want to fly an airplane? Like I said Billy, you're funny," joked Tilly. "I didn't say I 'wanted' to drive a car or fly an airplane. I said I could 'learn' to drive a car or fly an airplane. You know Tilly, if you wern't my bestest friend in the whole wide world I'd..." "You'd what?" interrupted Tilly. “I don't know what I'd do... but whatever it was, it wouldn't be bad, 'cause you're my bestest friend and bestest friends don't do bad things to each other," answered Billy. "And you're MY bestest friend. I didn't really mean anything bad by what I said Billy, I was just teasing you. Bestest friends can tease each other like that and not get angry," added Tilly. "You're right Tilly," said Billy, with a smile. The End Copyright 2011 by TJ Daniels (poet)
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