Waking Up Gilligan is at once hilarious and evocative, sexy and sublime, silly and serious, epic and ephemeral—a hysterical parody of enlightenment that becomes itself enlightened. Richly poetic, wonderfully paced, persistent, intelligent, knowledgeable prose that remains somehow always attentive and accessible. An immensely playful novel. A working man’s John Barth. A romantic’s Tom Robbins. A journey to be savored and a story to be finished. Set in a well-researched and for me (a 58 year old Americanadian) nostalgic era, it has no expiry date. This book will be as interesting and relevant a hundred years from now as it is today and would’ve been thirty years ago when the story takes place. I feel honored to have been asked to edit it.
— Christopher K. Miller

Hey J.R. !

I finished reading your book , and it is absolutely fantastic !! The darker ending gives it more depth , and your characters, & descriptions of the environment are superb. Will there be a sequel ??

Your editor said it all…it is slyly humorous, yet with a real reverence for the spiritual quest. Bravo !!! Bravo !!!!!” ——–Sharon Miller, artist and former English teacher

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