In present time, in a land concealed from prying, non-magical eyes, there was an eleven year old girl named Virginia. Virginia Slaphappy. Now, Virginia was no ordinary girl. No, no, no, not at all. Virginia was-are you ready? She was in training to become......... a fairy godmother! Other than becoming a fairy godmother, Virginia had many other things going on in her life.

Her mom, Violet, ran Slaphappy Sweets, a candy store. Her dad, Forest, was a broomstick riding instructor. Both of them had trained in the basics at magic school, but after they passed Advanced 3, they decided to pursue different professions than being fairy godparents. She also had a little sister, Georgia, who was eight. She had only been at Mademe Godmother’s School for Young Godmothers for one year, and she was already top in her class, Beginner 3. At all traditional magic schools, children enter Beginner Level 1 when they are seven years old. Then, at the end of the school year, children get moved up a level if they are ready. If a child is very talented, they might be moved earlier.

Now back to Virginia. She was in the Basic Level 1 Class at Madame Godmother's. She knew all the spells in chapters one and two of the All Purpose Guide to Magic for Young Godmothers perfectly. That said, she knew all the spells perfectly, but she certainly couldn't perform them perfectly, because of her clumsiness. Now I bet you're wondering, "How could being clumsy ever mess up someone's magic?" Here's your answer. Virginia was so clumsy that she would trip, or knock over something, or do something of the sort every five minutes, every day. Unfortunately, Virginia was doing magic a majority of her day. So, put the two together and you have...a recipe for disaster!

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