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I thought I would come up with a saying to stop people in their tracks at seminars.

Life is actually opposite of what you thought it was. For example, you can’t have something you want to make you feel good, until you feel good” In other words, when you feel good, you get good, because the Universe Laws say, ‘Like attracts Like’, yet most minds are convinced that opposites attract; they don’t, so you can forget that one.

Sometimes, at a mind body spirit seminar, I will get out my measuring cylinder, and a bottle of water coloured black with food colouring. The cylinder is marked off in different sections which are parts of a persons daily/weekly life, 10cl each. I then get the audience to do something very rare i.e. communicate with each other and then, agree on a mark out of ten for each section.

Out of ten, how much do you like work?

Usually it’s a three or a four, sometimes a one.

Your relationship with your partner?

Seven, down to one.

Household chores?

One or a three, sometimes an amazing six.

I think people don’t like to admit this one for some reason. The point of the exercise is, how many out of a hundred do they score, which is really a ‘Like Life’ score. Thirty five percent? Sometimes as low as maybe Five percent.

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