A short story by Jeffrey Zweig II

Copyright 2011 Jeffrey Zweig II

Smashwords Edition

It was a bright cloudless day in the canals of the outdoor river system made of concrete and steel. The water was clean, a mix of white with green swirled about the edges where two young people sat with their handmade fishing poles of flexible steel. Even as they sat relatively close to the large outgoing tunnels that made massive waterfalls, they sounds were quiet and relaxing.

A young man and woman, with fishing poles in hand, intensely stared at the flowing river before them, their feet danged mere inches from the living surface. The couple who sat together barely touched one another’s thighs. But as hard as he could, the boy couldn't help but graze at his companion’s soft skin as they fished with their rod and twine.

Brody combed his bed head hair, accented by a high hairline, with his fingers. Karen, whose black shoulder-length hair seemed weighed down from gravity, aside from some curvy split ends, was still focused on her task.

No bites,” she said in a cute monotone.

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