Sex with a Psychopath: The Stalker Finds Himself Chained Up

Aaron Sans

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2016, all rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

You should be 18 or older too.

I’ve been sitting here for over an hour. The last person, I think an assistant manager, locks the place up and leaves for the night. No more hair appointments today. No girlfriend...

The street lights in the alley hum and buzz as they flicker on, illuminating piles of old shit, broken pallets, wet boxes, and my resting spot in the alley across the street. The stink of greasy food cooking in someone's home escapes from the nearby windows. Enough of this. I look at my phone. 8:23pm... This is unlike her. I've been watching this one for a month. My green eyed goddess. She never deviates. She's always so predictable. Alarm at 5AM, then 30 minutes to wake and shower, never eats breakfast. Minutes later, I watch her pull her blond hair back in a ponytail before running down the steps of her building at 6AM. I will tell her to drink more water. Her skin will get dry... I lick my lips. I snap back to reality as a man and his dog pass by me, out for a walk in the evening breeze. The dog sniffs my pants leg and the man, a stinking, fat, ape of a man, pulls back on the leash. He sees me. A smile gathers in his eyes but quickly dies before the muscles in his face fully engage. He looks down quickly and walks a little faster down the sidewalk, away from me. I take this as my cue to leave. Where was she?

I walk a block to my car. I shut my door and calmly drive the three miles to her apartment. I met her here for the first time. She didn't close her blinds. I know that she wanted me to see her. I leaned against the wall looking in as she dropped her towel. Her nipples were so pink and her tits so wet from the shower. She stared out of the window and I could almost believe she was looking right into my eyes. I felt myself get hard and rubbed my cock through my jeans. She walked away from the window and I saw with pleasure a full bush and firm ass. I knew her cunt was wet, too. I immediately wanted to fuck her. I could imagine how tight she would be. I could imagine my cum dripping out of her pussy, down her leg. What man wouldn't? I knew she was special. She was better, she deserved more than a few drinks at the bar and a hard fuck in the lady's room. I wasn't wrong about her. Not like that last woman, that bitter disappointment. I'd done so much for her. I knew that bitch better than her own mother. She rejected me so I sent her away. The 5th one. I must have been wrong about all of them.

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