Ebook Description:

When a girl falls into a river in a Welsh forest, she enters the magical world of the Story-Catcher, a mysterious wizard who might just have an unexpected reason for her presence in his realm . . .

The Story-Catcher:

A Fantasy Short Story

Now, this might be very hard to believe, but what I am about to tell you is the truth.

Yes, the whole truth, with neither embellishments nor unnecessary summarizations.

So listen very carefully, and I shall tell you the story of what happened to a foolish young girl on the bank of a sparkling, Welsh river, when the world was still asleep to all but the fey.

My name is Elvira. Yes, it’s a hideous name, isn’t it? I live, well… somewhere that’s quite unimportant. What really matters is my cousin Simon’s cottage.

Simon told me he’d bought the place after glimpsing puffed trails of smoke escaping its small chimney. At the time, I’d thought he was being absurdly dramatic, but after seeing his gem of a cottage one summer, I think I understand why he fell in love with it.

My story begins that first summer, the summer that Simon invited me and two friends to visit his little hideaway.

These very same friends often describe me as being a rather ‘dreamy’ individual - you know, someone who’s always appreciated the romantic nature of all things wild and picturesque - so you can guess that I was bursting with anticipation at finally seeing Simon’s forest sanctuary.

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