A Non-dieter’s Guide to Eating Better
By Stephanie Young and Jocelyn Delaney

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Stephanie Young and Jocelyn Delaney

Why This Book Was Written

As busy mothers who juggle family and hectic work schedules, we recognized the need for a simpler approach to healthful eating. Having both tried a variety of eating plans that were too complicated, too time-consuming or just unsatisfying, we discovered that maintaining a nutritious diet doesn’t have to be difficult. We found easy ways to inconspicuously incorporate the healthiest of foods into our lives without feeling like we were sacrificing anything. And with this, our bodies benefitted from a higher level of nutrition and our cravings for some of the less healthy indulgences subsided.

This book was born out of our desire to share some simple strategies and tasty recipes aimed at taking on a more nutritionally rich diet.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Know What You Should Be Eating

The Simple Truth About Complex Carbohydrates
An Apple a Day…

Beef Up Your Knowledge About Protein
The Scoop on Dairy
Beware of Processed Foods
Foods You Think are Healthy But…

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