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Chapter 2: Power Strategies for Healthful Eating

Shop Wisely for Food
Go Fresh Instead of Pre-packaged
Get Creative With Flaxseed
Make Friends With Your Food Processor
Don’t Cut Out the Snacks, Just Snack Wisely
Top Your Favorite Foods With the Healthy Stuff
Swap it Out
Drink to Your Health
Plan Ahead

Chapter 3: Simple Recipes for Everyday Living

Soups and Sandwiches
Meats and Fish
Vegetarian Meals
Sides and Salads
Dips and Dressing

Sweet Treats and Snacks

Chapter 4: Let’s Go Shopping

Dairy and Non-dairy Alternatives
Pasta, Nuts, Grains and Breads
Canned and Pre-packaged Goods
Meats and Fish
Frozen Goods

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