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V~The Sirrians Return (Book 1)

V~Resistance (Book 2)

Earthdome Space Fleet

Poetic Passions


Captain Genie Driscoll stared down from the Bridge of the Carl Vinson with bleary eyes. She had been aboard 24 hours after being dropped off by the shuttle Endeavour. She had met most of her senior staff, and they all looked impossibly young but incredibly eager. She wondered what it was with crews in general, and why they always seemed to be so enthusiastic. She guessed she just felt a little tired and irritable, as it had been a very long day and she still had lots of work to do. The Carl Vinson was station-keeping 100 klicks from the old space telescope of Hubble. In the years following the last world war, Hubble had taken a huge radiation pounding, and to all intents and purposes was considered a hulk in space. Sighing she looked over at her OPS officer and said, “I am going below for dinner and bed. If you need something, contact the CAG.”

The second officer nodded, his cap slipping slightly down his face. She wondered with a small shake of her head why it was that the senior crew always got caps that never fit properly. What did they think, they would grow into them? She knew that the crew worked around the clock, 7 days a week, and all of them sacrificed personal times with family and Earth based friends to get her ship ready to defend the Earth against anything. It was hard work putting the Carl Vinson together, and the dedication of everyone showed in getting where they were today. Below, on the flight decks waiting for immediate launch, were the AH-64 Black Hawks, F-18s, B-1Bs, F-14s, E-2s, EA-6Bs, S-3s, and SH-60s; all converted from land fighter aircraft and helicopters from the past, for space travel today. She watched as a squadron of F-14 fighters buzzed the Carl Vinson just to let them know that the USS Kitty Hawk had arrived.

The men and women of all the ships were doing their jobs every day to defend the new way of life. These young people were the next breed of heroes and she was pleased to be a part of it all. ‘What was coming up today, and what was yet to come, pre-planned by God and destiny. And I will be there!’ she thought stoically. She left the Bridge as everyone came to attention in respect of her departure.

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