Novel: Cathedral Condo’s on the Square, Jackson Square That is

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Chapter 2 - Henry’s New Orleans

Chapter 3 - The Syndicate

Chapter 4 - The Deal

Chapter 5 - New Orleans

Chapter 6 – Rome and Home

Chapter 7- Gradis in Rome

Chapter 8- Home at Last

Chapter 1- The Beginning

The Times Picayune headline screamed in large bold type: Lawsuit To Stop St. Louis Cathedral Condos.

“Thank God some one is doing something about this stupidity,” Rita screeched across the coffee shop table to her husband Gus. Her half decaf/half regular grew tepid as she continued, “When old money corrupts it corrupts completely.”

Gus nodded his head, half listening to his wife’s barking. But she’s right he thought. The last time someone tried to turn the French Quarter into Disney land was in the late 20th century, during the oil boom. The city’s motif was going to change to reflect the oil wealth and bad taste of Houston.

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