Directly in my way

Published by Claire Leong at Smashwords

Copyright 2015 Claire Leong

Smashwords Edition

This is the story of a boy who wanted the pain to end. He didn't want to die, no. He wanted the pain to end, but death seemed like the only way out. This is the story of a girl who wanted to die. She didn't want a way to stop the pain. She just wanted everything to stop. This is the story of how the both of them meet, minutes before they planned to kill themselves.

The boy sat on the ledge of the building, his legs dangling down the side. He peered down cautiously, carefully not to lose his balance and plummet to his death. He had come up here to die, yes. But not just that minute. He still had things to do; haunting goodbye voice mails and text messages to be left on the phones of people who made his life miserable. Messages that would leave them wallowing in guilt for the rest of their lives as they re-read his text over and over again.

This apartment building overlooked the small town, most of which was blanketed by the darkness of the night. Few people were awake at this time – an insomniac tossing in bed restlessly, a college student cramming for a test she had forgotten about, a drunk father looking through photographs of the family who had left him, a jilted lover crying into his pillow, a boy who graduated secondary school summa cum laude seated on the ledge of the tallest apartment building with a suicide perfectly planned, and a 17-year old girl who was going to die before dawn.

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