Old Complications

Published by Vincent L. Cleaver at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Vincent L. Cleaver

Of the elder races, powers, or Gods, little is certain. Every conspiracy theorist thinks that they are alive and well and at work in the wider Galaxy. They have been accused of everything from starting the Atavistic Movement that created the current mess in the galaxy, to the Genocide of the Hunters and even the foundation, more than three thousand years ago, of the Galactic Conservancy.

Within the Conservancy, the Rangers have had their fair share of conspiracy-mongering. Old Complications was merely the last of a great many influential Hunters, including several commandants and what some call the very first Ranger, Ash, who was on the original survey team of Ilshan, and later helped promote the idea that eventually became the Conservancy.

How Ash persevered until the Vault of Ages was found, on what would have been the last day of the Survey, makes for a good story and is possibly even true. Likewise, the silent tears he is said to have shed when the recording of the Mother's Tale was played. But every variation somehow linking Ash personally to the Mother, merely served to sell the idea of the Conservancy. She and her children had been dead for the better part of 30,000 years, after all.

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