An Aspie Tells Tales: Alternate Realities
By Bob Kite

Published by Carrie Simmons at Smashwords

Copyright 2016 Carrie Simmons

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Cover Art By Bob Kite


Newly Dead Newlywed
The origins of a restless spirit, and how she leaves her comfort zone. 4000 words

Creature Of The Night
A vampire finds release in death, forcing an ancient evil to seek a new host. 5000 words

Little Red Corvette
Phred and Sushi take his new 2028 supercar for a cross-country road trip. He learns a lesson about over-reliance on modern technology. 6000 words

Johnny Red
Recently orphaned Juan Trastamara Diego de Castillo Rojo moves from New Orleans to Spain to live with his Old-Money patrician grandparents, and discovers a hidden room in the forgotten family torture chamber. With the help of an ancient manuscript from their extensive library, he befriends hellion brothers with family problems of their own. 12000 words

Billy And The One-Eyed Catamount
Those raised in Bayou country are no strangers to supernatural happenings, and if you aren’t familiar with this particular tale its just because they don’t appreciate outsiders making fun of their reality. 2070 words

A Long Hard Ride
Snake gets forced out of his lane by a couple of other bikers on America’s twistiest road. He faces a split-second decision to either run into a parked Goldwing and probably die, or hit a pedestrian and maybe live. Let’s just say he chose...unwisely. 2800 words

Where The Bad Things Live
Phillip was trained from birth to track down and destroy the bad things that hid in the Dark. He led a sheltered, institutionalized life, and never quite remembered his forays where he hunted the monsters that entered people’s minds and drove them to horrendous acts. He was chosen for a special mission that might end the war once and for all, but then he met the enemy face-to-face, and that changed everything. 6000 words

The Blind Woodsman
A simple, village woodsman seeks vengenge against the warrior-king who kidnapped and abused the love of his life. Against the advise of his friend and priest, he seeks to bargain with a powerful demon as his only option for success, but such bargains always come at great cost. 6900 words

Timothy's Grandfather
Most people assumed ten year old Timothy was mentally deficient, just because he didn't communicate or interact, except for the occasional frustrated outburst. His grandfather was his only real friend, but at over one hundred years old and wheelchair bound, he was also all but ignored. Timothy’s family buys an historic building, intending to renovate, but remain unaware of inhumane secret experiments in its past, and when Timothy spies secret people skulking in hidden rooms, he and his grandfather fight to save their family from mortal danger. 8400 words

Vampire Dragons And Unicorn Thugs
Brandon is the drummer in an Austin Rock-a-Billy band, motivated by his unrequited desire to finally lose his "innocence". He's even willing to settle for the exotic cougar that enters his life, but she's more concerned with saving the world, and keeping him safe from her nubile daughter. 8500 words

Faerie Glen
Beware achieving your deepest desire, then again maybe just go for it. One person's hell is another's heaven. 500 words


Bob The Blob
An average working stiff questions his sanity when everyone else in the world slowly fades away to shadows 5300 words

A gritty story of a super-hero fallen on hard times following a personal tragedy. 6700 words

Gardovian Homunculus
Anthony wakes up to a typical morning, and finds he is scheduled to attend a family reunion, only he has complete amnesia. The family all know him, but as the surreal afternoon wears on, he’s not sure he wants to know them. 4000 words

A somewhat normal beginning that quickly becomes something of a mind trip, but resolves at the end. 3000 words

Ark City
There are many versions of the biblical stories of Genesis that predate the current “offical” ones. If groups of political hacks throughout histroy can pick and choose which viewpoints to include and exclude, why can’t any of us do so? For example, people are generally unaware that most mammal biology exhibits a penile bone, including most primates, which is missing in humans, and that originally gave rise to the idea of Eve created from the bone of Adam, although it has since been edited to refer to a rib. 6000 words

Shadow Knights
-Fantasy/Secret Societies, A young blonde, blue eyed Jane Doe walks unscathed out of a blazing Southern California wildfire without any memory, speaking a language that turns out to be an unknown Australian Aboriginal dialect. When she finally regains her memory as a young women, an ancient society rallies to ensure her death, but the Dreamtime has plans for her, and a girl could not have a more powerful ally. 7500 words

An introduction to me, my conditions, and my motivations for producing this book. 1200 words

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