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City of Tears

By Eric Balkan

Copyright 1999, 2011 by Eric Balkan

Published by Packet Press. Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner

without written permission from the publisher, except

in brief quotations used in articles or reviews.

Contact for info.

ISBN 978-0-934741-07-1


More than a few times, I was asked: why did I write a novel about medieval Central Asia? Who's going to buy it? My response is probably the same as that of most writers: I wanted to write the kind of novel that I'd like to read. I think I succeeded doing that. Whether it's the kind of novel you want to read, you'll have to answer for yourself. :-)

I did a lot of research for City of Tears – and a book list appears in the back for those who are intrigued by what's described here and want to learn more. But I undoubtedly made some mistakes. And subordinated some part of realism to the higher priority of telling a good story. (Another reason for including a list of non-fiction books at the end.)

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