Wonka Presents! –

Duffel and The Inheritance

Published by Madeleine Masterson at Smashwords

Copyright 2016 Madeleine Masterson

How’s your French Duffel?’ Mr Watkins hovered over Duffel’s shoulder trying to see what he was doing on the laptop. It didn’t look like the revision of WW1, the war to end all wars. Only it hadn’t been, and realising this Duffel had been following the adventures of a famous WW2 air pilot, now residing on Level two alongside everyone else departed, or despatched smartly from Earth.

Pour quoi?’ returned Duffel showing off with his miniscule vocabulary. In Earth years Duffel would have been coming up to his sixteenth birthday, but here on Level two time passed differently, not in years but in experiences; he had been returned twice now to Earth, on separate missions (both successful) to retrieve lost animals, Sam a dog and Sheba a black and white feline.

I might have a new mission Duffel, and this time, in France! Just think a chance for you to get a whiff of another culture! And if you’re smart and stick to the tight schedule (this was always tricky, as Duffel had often been close to missing his ‘lift’ back home) you’ll be able to set eyes on the most famous painting of all time….’

Duffel waited patiently for Mr Watkins to elaborate. In the meantime, the famous pilot beamed out of his cockpit oblivious to the fates that would send him and his plane spiralling down into the waiting North Sea.

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