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Shannon and Ally like Animals

by Kate Everson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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Shannon and Ally like all kinds of animals.

“What kind of animals do you like, Shannon?” asked Grandma Kate.

Shannon said, “I like horses and I like ducks.”

“What kind of animals do you like, Ally?” asked Grandma Kate.

Ally said, “I like big animals and small animals.”

So that day they went to the farm to see all kinds of animals. Mommy and Daddy took them to a big barn. Inside the barn there were cows. There were black and white cows. There were brown cows. There were little cows and big cows.

“What are the little cows called, Ally?” asked Grandma Kate.

Ally said, “They are calves!”

And Shannon and Ally found a small calf in the barn and petted its nose. The calf liked that very much. They saw many animals at the farm. They saw horses and ducks. That made Shannon very happy. She liked horses and ducks.They saw sheep with wool over their eyes. The sheep went Ba-a-a-a-a! They saw goats with tiny horns. The goats liked to eat from Ally’s hand. Outside the barn they saw big animals and small animals. And they got to play in the park.

“Do all animals live on the farm?” Ally asked.

“No,” said Mommy. “Some animals live in a big park.”

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