A long time ago I went looking for a writer.

I got a brother in the bargain.


It is increasingly rare to find a group of talented people who will give so much of themselves for the dream of what something could be. I was blessed to find such a group in the likes of Sean Taylor, Tom Waltz, Matt Hiebert and Andy Massari. Each of them is an alchemy of talent, vision and dedication, and they took the simple world I’d created and made it a universe.

It’s a shame that the shelter one’s parents provide in your formative years prevents you from really seeing how your parents stack up against their peers. I was an adult before I realize how truly amazing my family is and how grateful I am to be part of this clan. Thank you, Mom and Dad. Thank you, brother and sister.

Thanks also go to Elizabeth Donald who never stopped pushing me to get back in the game. That kind of faith is hard to come by.

A nod goes out to Travis Otto, who knows a thing or two about saving the world.

And most of all, to my partner in so many things, the Amazing Dani Burke™. For her patience, her support, her endless cheerful nature and her unflinching belief that people are inherently good, my world is a better place.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Justin Gray

Part 1: Early Years

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