Crystal Passion


Bradley Stoke


Copyright © 2016 by Bradley Stoke

Chapter One

How well did I ever really know Crystal Passion?

I ask that because everyone says that no one knew her better than me.

And that’s just not true.

It’s obvious why so many people believe I know more about her than the dozen or so others who were with her on that last fateful tour. I’m the one who renowned American rock critic Polly Tarantella has elevated to the status of Chief Guardian of the Crystal Passion legacy. Of the rest of us who were there, does anyone remember Bertha? And what about the other Simone, the one also known as the Harlot? And I can’t be sure whether Thelma’s real name was Judy or whether Judy’s real name was Thelma. Since there were two Judys on the tour and she was the second to join the band, because we had to call her something, the name we used was Thelma.

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