My Story

By Mark H. Jamieson

Written by Mark H. Jamieson

First ePublished May 28, 2016

Copyright 2016

Cover Art by Mark H. Jamieson

Copyright 2016

Version morph 2016 5-May 28

ISBN 9781310176265 (e-published)

Young Adult>Science Fiction & Fantasy


Books by Mark H. Jamieson

Small Steps, a science fiction novel set in space in the near future

Ico Island, a children’s picture book

Prom Revolution, a science fiction novella taking place on Earth in the year 2116

The Janitor’s 13th Key, a science fiction short story at a boarding school

Morph, My Story, a short story set in the Florida Keys

Mark H. Jamieson's author page:

Thanks to Julia, Sandee, Kim, David and Melissa for their help in reading drafts of this story and providing comments that made it better.

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