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Memoirs of Forbidden Love:

The Sexual Revolution Comes Home

Edited by Tom Hathaway

Copyright 2011 Tom Hathaway

Smashwords Edition

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Editor's Foreword

In the late 1960s, when my mother and I began the love affair I described in Taboo: A Memoir, I foresaw legions of mother-son lovers on an incest crusade to overthrow patriarchy, to render its violence and domination extinct, to break out of the old myths that still shackle our culture. Now more and more erotic pioneers are taking the plunge. We may not be legions yet, but our numbers are rapidly growing, as this collection of memoirs attests.

These are personal experiences sent to me by readers — mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers — of Taboo: A Memoir. I'm pleased that my book inspired and encouraged them to tell their own stories. With their permission I have edited and sometimes rewritten them into this anthology, and together we dedicate it to all the silent crusaders out there.

Predictably, the puritanical powers have responded to this challenge with a campaign of fear and repression. These reactionaries are determined to scare everyone back into sexual regimentation. This proves the liberation movement is a threat to them.

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