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And they didn’t touch you, or threaten you?”


OK, tell me about when you were abducted. Just run through the whole thing start to finish, in your own words, and I’ll ask you questions about it when you’re through.”

Well, it was a warm sunny afternoon and I had been into town to collect my Giro. I’d decided that instead of coming home by the normal route I’d walk back along the canal. I quite often do if it is nice. It’s a bit further but there are no people about, looking at you. It runs through the old industrial area—disused factories and warehouses and so on. To get home I have to cross the canal but there is a footbridge just above the lock gates.

When I got to the turning pond below the lock, there was a bunch of youths skylarking about, and I didn’t much like the look of them. They hadn’t seen me, so I ducked into an abandoned factory to wait until they left. You can’t be too careful with that type, all hyped up on sex and drugs these days. Anyway, I went upstairs into the old offices so I could look out and see when they left.

After about half an hour they started off up the canal and I decided it was safe to come down. When I reached the ground floor there was suddenly this deep buzzing, humming sound—like a big electrical generator or something—and a huge ball of bright light appeared in the main hall of the factory. It was terrifying, yet sort of exciting at the same time, if you know what I mean.

I was standing there, frozen to the spot, unable to think, and next thing I’m somewhere else altogether. It seemed to happen instantaneously. I was lying on my back on some sort of metal table and I was completely naked. My wrists and ankles were held in a type of metal clamp and I couldn’t move—well, only my head from side to side.

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