In waking life, he is a combat vet with a mysterious sleep disorder, confined to a VA hospital bed. When he sleeps, he roams the plains of another world, invading the minds of the people as they dream and forcing them to do his will. They call him . . . Jaguar.

In both worlds, there are those who know the Jaguar’s secret. They are learning to link their minds across the void between worlds, following the dreampaths the Jaguar created—all the way back to where his body lies helpless . . . an easy target for their justice.

A tense thriller . . . recommended.” —Booklist

A helluva good book.” —Science Fiction Review

Jaguar “. . . emerges as a thoroughly competent psychological horror novel, with a good deal to say about the corrupting influences of both power and [war].” —Roland Green

Jaguar is a psychodrama with the emphasis on story and characterization, not effects . . . Ransom, best known for his collaborations with the late Frank Herbert, has written an intense and intriguing tale that will keep you riveted to the pages.” —Jeff Scott Smith, Rave Reviews

Jaguar left me with the impression of slipping past wrinkles in time and through forgotten doors. I was reminded of . . . the ability of Ray Bradbury to explore the unknown factors of worlds familiar. . . Every page of Jaguar is a cliffhanger.” —Sandra Morgan, Fiction Forest

Exciting (and) imaginative . . . the skill of the writer made it completely believable. . . . A powerful, scary tale of the dark side of the human mind.” —Jane Toombs, Scribes World (5-star review)

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