Kin and Ink

a Torn World story

(Smashwords Edition)

by Ellen Million

copyright 2011



Akaalekirth was dreaming, and it was an unexpectedly pleasant dream; not at all like her dreams while she was living in the city. For the most part she hadn't dreamed at all since she came to the rainforest, so she wandered the dreamscape with curiosity, and a little detachment, and wondered when the shadows would come. 

They didn't, or rather, when they did, they were only confused images of her past, easily brushed away by a wingtip that Akaalekirth found herself holding. It was a bird wing, at first, then a butterfly wing, a whole one, not like her clan tattoo, and suddenly a lizard-creature was trying to wake her.

Lereterli was shaking her. “Akaa...”

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