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Molly and Julia

Thank you for reading these stories. I wrote them for my nieces Molly and Julia and read them on Christmas morning. It became a tradition. The idea first came to me during a Christmas Eve service, and I went home and wrote the first story. Writing the stories on Christmas Eve also became a tradition. It seemed that inspiration came to me every year to convey a different message appropriate for that year. It was uncanny how well the message reflected life circumstances at the time.

I didn’t describe people in detail, so let your imaginations fill the people out. You may even want to substitute names to make it more personal. I hope you enjoy the stories.

Henry Davis

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Copyright 2009

Henry Davis

Christmas Kittens

Mr. Warner lived alone in a big house. He was old and very lonely. His wife died years ago, and they had no children. He had no real friends anymore, so he lived alone in a big house.

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